How To Defend Yourself


Do you want to know How To Defend Yourself ? There's an old saying in the martial arts that, "Pride goes Before The Fall." In the realm of self defense training, regardless of whether you train in a martial art, or in a modern self defense system, there is a world of difference between "thinking" that you can defend yourself, and actually having the skills necessary to survive a real world attack.

how to defend yourself

One of the evident benefits of knowing how to defend yourself is that you will not always live in fear. Most likely, when you become a victim of robbery, stealing and other types of crime, you will carry such experience throughout your entire life. If you can manage to get over immediately, then it would be very good but there will be times when you wake up in the middle of the time screaming and crying as you remember what happened. You will be able to prevent this from happening with enough knowledge about self-defense because this is when you will know how to fight back in of an attack or an assault.

How to defend against hostile attacks tips

Tip 1: Anticipate the attack 

When you expect an attack, you can switch from defense into offense. There are kicks, punches, and takedown maneuvers that will leave the attacker wide open for you to counter. On seeing the coming attack and using the short window of reaction time to think of a way self protection will be helpful in protecting yourself in times of danger.

Tip 2: Block and avoid

You can block an attack taking the force of the blow. Although there are also attacks that have very strong force which can cause injuries if they are tried to block.

Avoiding an attack is more effective to defend oneself from an oncoming attack. This is helpful to make another offense while staying away from the effective range of an offensive blow directed at you. Straight pinches and high can be used. Tackles, takedowns, and attacks to your midsection can be sidestepped. You also have an option of jumping up from low sweep kicks. Another option is to shuffle back for avoiding the range of a sweep. This move can also prevent your attacker from grabbing your legs.

Tip 3: Counter

I can take years of practice to master counters and reversals. Many are useful for kicks and punches directed at your way because you have to move the given force back towards the attacker. 

Neutralizing locks or submission holds can reverse the attacks from an opponent. The amount of force used by the attacker will make it difficult for him to do another attack. Some of the counter moves are:

  • Straight Punch Counter
This move allows grabbing the wrist of the attacker before the punch hits you. A straight punch has a strong force and it will make both fall on the ground while the attackers arm is held tight. If you don't fall on the ground, the opponent can be pulled to the ground with force or the countered blow. 
While you grip the arm of your opponent, roll over to your back and circle your legs around the opponent's trapped arm. Just above the opponent's elbow, lock your knees with your feet snug on his chest to lock the shoulder. The term used for cross armlock is Jujigatame, this can be done by pulling back on the arm and raising your hips to extend the elbow joint.
  • Middle Side Kick Counter
This move includes sidestepping the kick and grabbing the heel. This will make the attacker fall over positioned above arms on one knee, if this does not happen force him into that position. Now tuck one shin into the bend of the opponent's knee and then roll over to your back. Hold the kicking leg. Cross you legs to make a four and insert the leg you are holding in the pit of the four. This move will be completed by pulling down the leg bent over your shin.

I always think it should be everyone's priority to think safety, every time they go out. A bit of planning can mean the difference between a good day or night, and a disastrous one. Of course it is a bit unrealistic to expect every outcome to be the preferred one, sometimes violence happens. We owe it to ourselves and our families to be ready for both scenarios.

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how to defend yourself

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How To Defend Yourself